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  • The Drager Alcotest 5000 is a highly effective breath alcohol testing device with a number of features and benefits. Very simple to use Quickly provides a pass or fail result A large number of people can be tested relatively quickly, up to 12 per minute Mouthpieces do not need to be changed every time a person is tested No bodily contact is required.....

  • Entry level breath alcohol tester designed for accurate and easy analysis of breath-alcohol levels while on the move. Wide Range of Configurations Automatic Sampling Easy to Use Mouthpiece Easy to Fit in Low Light Very Short Reaction Time Here at Resmar we are proud to be associated with the Drager range of personal gas monitors and safety equipment.

  • The Drager Alcotest 6510 is an ideal breath alcohol analyser that is handheld and compact and ideally suited to law enforcement professionals. Extremely Easy to Use Large Graphics Display Left or Right Handed Use 3 Colour LEDs Weights 195g Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to discuss this product and to get a personalised.....

  • The Drager Alcotest 6810 is a professional alcohol breath analyser that its compact, user friendly and easy to use. Simple 3 Button Operation Quickly Ready for use Hygenic Slide 'N' Click Mouthpiece Low Energy Consumption Quick and Precise Analysis No longer available replaced with 6820

  • The Drager alcohol 6820 is a professional breath alcohol tester, made from highly durable materials and is ideally suited to rough weather and demanding conditions. Durable Materials Highly resistant to rough weather Always Reliable Data Simple 3 Button Operation Slide 'N' Click Mouthpiece making it Hygienic

  • 30 Year Design Life 8 Litre Size 30 Minutes Operational Air Advanced Protection Easy to Clean Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to discuss this product and to get a personalised quote... thank you Call us for a price +44 (0)845 803 3399 or please...send us a message and we'll get right back

  • The Draeger range of Composite Cylinders (CCs) are manufactured from high performance lightweight materials and leading edge technology. They are suitable for use in hazardous situations where the presence of toxic gases makes breathing impossible without safety equipment. High Performance Lightweight Protexal Anti-Corrosion Layer Easy to Clean.....

  • The Drager FPS 7000 series facemask is the ultimate in personal protection, comfort and safety. Full Comformity within FPA 1981-2007 Unobstructed Field of Vision Allow Incoming Air In the Mask Prevents Fogging Highly Durable EPDM Rubber Unique Triple Edged Seal

  • Here at Resmar we are proud to offer our customers the Draeger range of fire fighting equipment; the Drager HPS 6200 fire-fighter’s helmet is manufactured from high temperature duroplastics which are designed to consistently protect the user against impact, penetration and extreme heat levels. Extended Visor Fully EN 14458 Approved Robust and Thermally.....

  • Here Resmar we are proud to offer our customers the Drager range of safety breathing equipment. Designed for harsh environments Housed in exterior shell metal or plastic Robust Construction Almost maintenance free Extremely Low Operating Costs Weighs 207kg Unopened

  • Here Resmar we are proud to offer our customers the Drager range of safety breathing equipment. Breathing air for 60 Minutes Robust Metal/Plastic Exterior Shell Almost Maintenance Free Immediate activation of starting when donning Anti-Static Breathing Bag

  • The Draeger Oxy K 30 HW/HS Oxygen Self- Rescuer is perfectly suited to oxygen- deficient environments where there are toxic gases or vapours in the atmosphere. Uses Chemically-Bound Oxygen Instant Oxygen Supply on Donning Up to 10 Years free of maintenance and service Can be Wall Mounted 30 Minutes Breathing Air Price available on request Please.....

Showing 1 - 12 of 300 items

Here at Resmar we are proud to be associated with the Draeger range of advanced safety products.
As a company, Draeger was founded in Lubeck in 1889 and has now become a world leader in the field of medical and safety technology.

Drager has an outstanding reputation for developing and producing state of the art technology in a wide range of fields including firefighting, mining, rescue, industrial, medical and clinical industries and services.

Their motto is 'Technology for life' which reflects their commitment to producing life saving equipment as well as being an innovator in protecting and saving lives.

Their focus is on constant innovation and improvement and to that end they have expanded across the world and have facilities in over 40 countries including Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, the Czech Republic and China.

The safety division offers its customers complete hazard management solutions with a special focus on personal safety and protecting production facilities.

Drager's safety division offers a complete hazard management solution covering every aspect of personal safety and the protection of production facilities and this includes mobile gas detection, respiratory protection, firefighting equipment, alcohol and drug testing instruments and professional diving equipment.

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