Useful Safety Resources

Here are a few useful resources:

General Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive
The Health and Safety Executive publishes really useful information on health and safety law as it applies to the UK.

Health and safety regulations in the UK - Wikipedia
Offers an easy to understand summary of the most important health and safety regulations for the UK.

UNISON Health and Safety
THe union 'Unison' offers useful information on yout health and safety rights as an employee.

The British Safety Council
The government-regulated organisation offering health and safety qualifications for the UK.

The Health and Safety Laboratory
One of the world's leading providers of health and safety solutions to industry, government and professional bodies.

Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
If you really want to know your responibilities and rights, read the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
The largest health and safety membership organisation in the world, with more than 44,000 individual members in over 100 countries.

ASTS Advanced Safety & Training Services
Training courses & Equipment including defibrillators for health, security, first aid, accident prevention, risk assessment and fire safety for UK companies.


Marine Safety Forum
The Marine Safety Forum actively promotes good practices and initiatives to promote safety within the marine sector of the Northern European oil and gas industry.

Marine and Coastgurad Agency
Government body that produces legislation and guidance on maritime matters, and provides certification to seafarers.

RYA Regulations
Details the RYA regulations, including safety regulations and advice.

Renovo Boat Valeting
A clean and tidy boat is a safe boat, you can buy a range of boat valeting and care products from Renovo.