Oldham Distributor: Manufacturer Trained Supplier of Oldham Safety Products.

Oldham was founded as a family business in 1840 and has grown to become a leading company in the supply of fire and gas detection equipment.

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Here at Resmar we are please to be able to offer our customers the BM25

Transportable Multi Gas Monitor.

Oldham specializes in the design and manufacture of fixed gas detection products and systems, which are used the world over.

The industries you will find Oldham safety products include - liquefied petroleum gas, power petrochemical, automotive, water treatment, steel production, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, liquid natural gas, food and beverage, offshore exploration and production, power stations and many more.

Oldham's monitoring detection and safety products are purpose designed for both single applications and multiple sites and areas, a broad range of detection solutions that will always comply with international certification requirements. And standards including ATEX, SIL (Safety Integrity Level), CSA, GOST.

As a company Oldham are ISO 9001 certified and they offer a number of after sales services including on site training, web based training, 24-7 technical support for their entire range of portable gas detectors.