REID Lifting Distributor: Manufacturer Trained Supplier of REID Lifting Safety Products.

REID Lifting is a global leader in the design and manufacture of aluminium portable lifting and access systems.

With more than 25 years of expertise and operations in major countries around the globe, our lifting and access systems have been specified in many influential key industry sectors.

We have expertly engineered our systems through the use of lightweight aluminum as an alternative to steel, setting a precedent for innovation and successful experimentation, leading us to become one of the global pioneers in lifting technology today.  

Many of our products are patented and have become the industry-standard for lifting solutions, trusted by many leading companies

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  • Our PORTADAVIT QUANTUM is a rapidly deployable, lightweight solution to heavy lifting and lowering of goods. Weighing just 23.5kg when fully assembled, it can be manually operated by just one person while maintaining a lifting capacity up to 600kg

  • Our top quality and highly durable PORTAGANTRY is lightweight and extremely strong. This portable system can be manually assembled, using just four bolts and can safely lift to 5000kg, making it ideal for multiple applications.

  • Our unique and innovative PORTAGANTRY RAPIDE is a height adjustable, foldable aluminium gantry designed for rapid deployment. Capable of an impressive load lifting capacity of up to 1000Kg.  This system can be assembled and disassembled by just one person within a minute without the need for any tools, and is the perfect solution for Confined Space.....

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