Personal Multi Gas Monitors

Here at Resmar we have an excellent range of personal multi gas monitors for detecting flammable gases, depleted oxygen and all of the most common toxic gases in a wide range of different industries.
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  • Here Resmar we are proud to be distributors of the RAE line of portable gas monitors. Datalogging Automatically Recorded to SD Card Large Colour LCD Display One Touch Bump Testing No Computer Required Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to discuss this product and to get a personalised quote... thank you Call us for a price +44.....

  • Here at Resmar we are proud distributors for the RAE range of personal safety gas monitoring systems. In-Built Flashlight Big Graphic Display Visual Red Flashing Alarm Durable in Harsh Environments Loud Audible Alarm

  • The RAE systems range of personal monitors are well designed, functional and reliable, here at Resmar we are proud to distribute these units and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their functions and deployment. Resistant to Water and Dust Durable Design Large Graphical Desplay Real-Time Gas Concentration Readings

  • The RAE systems (by Honeywell) UltraRAE 3000 is a portable handheld compound specific VOC monitor is one of the most advanced units available on the market today. Large Graphic Display Instant Tube-Breakthrough Visibility Multi Language Support In-Built Humidity Sensor

  • Built-In Flashlight Large Graphic Display 3 Second Response Time Supports 12 Languages Durable, Rugged Housing

  • The RAE Systems (by Honeywell) Multi RAE Lite is a portable wireless multigas monitor, which is a 1 to 6 gas monitoring unit for personal protection, designed specifically for multi-gas monitoring, confined space entry and gas leak detection. 24/7 Datalogging 6 Months for 5 Sensors Large Graphic Display Easy to Use Interface Alarm Status Any Location.....

  • Here are Resmar we are very keen to offer our customers the Draeger range of personal gas detection equipment. The Drager X AM 5000 is one of the worlds smallest gas detection instruments capable of detecting up to 5 gases and it's so small you would think it was a mobile phone. Highly Reliable Robust and Compact Low Cost of Ownership 2 Button Design.....

  • The RAE systems (by Honeywell) EntryRae confined space entry monitor has been purpose designed to measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and combustible and VOC gases. It is classed as a four-gas monitor with PID detector. Detects VOC Gases Easy to Operate Reliable and Self Cleaning Rated as IP55  Durable, Weather Resistant Casing Price.....

  • Here at Resmar we are proud to be able to offer our customers the GMI range of safety monitoring equipment. Simple to Operate Highly Intuituve User Interface Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Display Rugged Impact-resistant Casing Highly Visible LED Alarms Weighs 1.35Kgs Dimensions: 180mm x 95mm 100mm Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to.....

  • The BW gas alert micro clip XT is a slim compact multi gas detector.  Easy 1 button operation Extremely thin and lightweight Very high level of reliability Bright, wide-angle visual alarm Fully Water resistant Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to discuss this product and to get a personalised quote... thank you Call us for a price.....

  • The BW (by Honeywell) gas alert Quattro is a multi gas detector that is highly reliable and rugged in construction and can detect four different gases; (CO, H2S, 02 and LEL). Inteliflash Software Extremely Easy to use Flexible power options Suited for a number of environments and Industry applications Very Rugged and Comfortable to wear Price available.....

  • The BW Gas Alert Micro 5 PID is a highly versatile five gas detector. 50% Lighter than other instruments Continuous LCD Display 0-1000ppm Measurements 2 Bright wide-angle alarm bars Supports: English, French, German and Portuguese Price available on request Please contact Resmar direct to discuss this product and to get a personalised quote... thank.....

Showing 13 - 24 of 30 items

Personal Multi Gas Monitors

Here at Resmar we have an excellent range of personal multi gas monitors for detecting flammable gases, depleted oxygen and all of the most common toxic gases in a wide range of different industries.
They are designed specifically for situations where there are a variety of gases present in the atmosphere that need to be monitored simultaneously.
We have selected a range of highly reliable portable and fixed monitors that are commonly used to detect and monitor Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen and combustibles (%LEL). We also offer a full calibration service.
Our range of personal multi gas monitors include:


Tetra multigas monitor

Ideal for monitoring oxygen, flammable and toxic gases.
Reliable and Robust, 1 Button Operation, Audible, Visual and Vibrating Alarms, IP65, 12 Hours Continuous Use, bump test, 4 gas simultaneous calibration, reliable, compact, easy to use.

Tetra 3:
Measures; oxygen, inflammable and toxic chemical gases. Durable, reliable, compact and lightweight, easy to use, single button operation, top mounted backlit display, 16-hour battery life, audio/vibrating high visibility alarm, shock/vibration resistant chassis, IP65/67.

Top mounted display, easy to use, rugged, reliable, automatic failsafe, one- button operation, 14 hour battery life, detects up to five gases, compact and lightweight IP65/67, multiple languages.

Triple plus+:
Detects oxygen, flammable gases, rugged, reliable, easy to use, clear easy to read display, visual/audio alarms, Hydrocarbons at %LEL & % volume, TWA warnings, lightweight, IP65.

Triple plus+ IR:
All of the features of the Triple Plus+ with the addition of infrared sensors, highly suitable for both high gas concentration environments & oxygen free (inert) backgrounds.

bump test solution designed to check that gas pro is in compliant state to monitor gas levels.
Simple Operation, Recognise Empty and Expired Cylinders, Automatic Procedure Start When Gas Pro Fitted


Drager X-am 2500:
high visibility alarm, dual sensors, easy to use,
1-4 gas detector (CO1, O2, SO2, NO2 & H2S) gas entry for 2 sides, 360¡ visible alarm, IP67, Reliable Personal Protection, Lead Free, Zone) Ex approved, low operating cost.

X-am 5600
Measure up to 6 gases, compact, robust, IP67, lightweight, long service life,
Infrared sensors, two button operation, highly reliable, combination dual sensors detect many hazardous toxic and explosive gases, front side & upper gas inlets

Model X-am 7000
Detects combustible & toxic gases (including oxygen). Very accurate, low/zero maintenance, multiple alarms, built in high performance pump, easy to use, onboard catalytic-Ex sensor, large graphic display with auto-zoom, robust, watertight, multi tone audio alarm,

X- Zone 5000
flexible portable. loud alarm, Detect Gas from every angle Continuous monitoring of confined spaces, Extremely long battery life, detect and measure up to six different gases, non contact charging and Ex-zone 0 approval, wirelessly interconnectable. Area monitoring, 360 degrees alarm/visual monitoring, IP67

X-am 2000:
Ergonomically Designed, Reliable, extremely compact, lightweight and Robust, Easy to Use, IP67, small, ergonomically designed 1-4 gas detection, long Life XXS miniaturised Electro Chemical Sensors, 12 hour battery life,

X-am 5000
worlds smallest gas detection instrument, detects up to 5 gases, Highly Reliable, Robust and Compact, Low Cost of Ownership2 Button Design, IP67, organic vapours, combustible gases, oxygen and a number of other gases, catalytic EX sensor, two button operation.


Oxygas P500/500:
Flexible combination instrument designed specifically for leak detection and purging or inerting operations. 2 Button Operation, Durable and Reliable, IP54, Backlit LCD

Ship surveyor:
Easy to use, Highly Intuitive User Interface, easy-to-Read Backlit display, rugged, Impact-resistant, Highly Visible LED Alarms, lightweight, reliable.8 different models, MED, dual mode operation, integral pump, IR technology, IP54

MSA Altair Range:

(Altair, Altair Pro, Altair 4X, Altair 5X, Galaxy GX2)
Highly reliable and accurate multi gas monitors equipped with
MSA X cell sensor technology, wide range of sensors, long battery life, IP67, easy to use, easy to read displays, rugged, combustible gases, O2 and toxic gases,


Area RAE Steel:
Up to five sensors (PID, LEL, O2 and two toxic), wireless data transmission, built-in sampling pump, optional GPS, easy to use, loud buzzer and warning light, large LCD display and keypad, durable, rugged, stainless-steel housing weather-resistant ,continuous operation

Auto RAE 2:
Automatic testing calibration system- portable, flexible and easy to configure,
data logging automatically recorded to SD card, large colour LCD display,
one touch bump testing, no computer required, support up to 10 cradles in any order, designed to be used as a standalone unit or as a single cradle system.

Minibreak Lite:
In-Built Flashlight, Big Graphic Display, Visual Red Flashing Alarm, Durable Loud Audible Alarm best in its class for detecting and measuring VOCs, PID , multi language,IP65, 3 second response, reliable, rugged, lightweight

Resistant to Water and Dust , 4-gas monitor, Durable Design
Large Graphic Display, Real-Time Gas Concentration Readings, 2 button operation, wireless, versatile,IP65/67, multi language, rugged,

Water and Dust Resistant Housing, Durable Design, Two Button Operation,
14 Hours battery life, lead free RoHS design, one button calibration, auto zero, multi gas 1-4 sensor, highly RFI/EMI resistant

Rapid Deployment Kit:
Designed specifically for rapid assessment of chemical or radiological hazards.
Transportable, 1 Button Operation, rapid Set Up, Up to 5 Sensors per Monitor,IP54, remotely monitor hazards from a safe location, shock resistant and electromagnetically shielded, 18 hour operation, monitors, PID, combustibles, O2, toxic and gamma in any combination.

Ultra RAE 3000:
Portable handheld compound specific VOC monitor, advanced design,
Large Graphic Display, Instant Tube-Breakthrough Visibility, Multi Language Support, In-Built Humidity Sensor, 3 second response time , large display, ease of access to sensor, lamp and battery

Mini RAE 3000:
Built-In Flashlight, Large Graphic Display,3 Second Response Time
multi Language, durable, Rugged, lightweight, easy to use.

Multi RAE Lite:
portable wireless multigas monitor, 1 to 6 gas monitoring
24/7 Data logging 6 Months for 5 Sensors, Large Graphic Display,
Easy to Use, Alarm Status Any Location, features the widest variety of sensor options. 30 sensor options

Entry RAE:
confined space entry monitor, purpose designed to measure Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and combustible and VOC gases. a four-gas monitor with PID detector. Easy to Operate, Reliable and Self Cleaning, IP55 Durable, Weather Resistant Casing loud alarm, flashing red LEDs powerful pump, 16 hours continuous operation


BM25 & BM25 wireless:
Wireless transportable multigas area monitor systems. Reliable, Transportable, Ultra Bright Flashing Alarm, Resistant to Harsh Conditions, Easy to use, Rugged, 170 hours on one charge, Loud audio alarm, capable of monitoring for up to 5 gases simultaneously, 30 devices per network , 16 independent networks


ProtŽgŽ multigas monitor
Easy-to-use, Automatic Calibration, any button on and off function, Bright LCD Display, Tough and Flexible in operation, IP67, portable, compact, rugged design, records STEL/TWA alarms, calibrations and gas values, time stamps & automatic zero calibration.
BW: (by Honeywell)

Gas Alert Micro 5:
Multi gas detector that can simultaneously monitor up to 5 atmospheric hazards. Highly Reliable, Rugged, Impressive Range of User Settable Options, Pass Code Function, 4 Bright Wide Angle Alarms, Lightweight, compact easy to use.

Gas Alert Micro 5 PID:
highly versatile five gas detector, 50% Lighter than other instruments, Continuous LCD Display, 0-1000ppm Measurements, 2 Bright wide-angle alarm bars, Supports: English, French, German and Portuguese, user selectable fuel options including PID/combustible correction, convert speech, language selection, span level, TWA/STEL calculation, calibration due date, latching alarm, pass code production, safe display function, stealth mode, as well as selectable PPM resolution for various gases such as SO2.

Gas Alert Quattro:
multi gas detector, highly reliable, rugged, can detect four different gases; (CO, H2S, 02 and LEL), Inteliflash Software, Easy to use, Flexible power options, Comfortable to wear, one button operation,

Gas Alert Micro Clip XT:
Slim, compact, multi gas detector. Easy 1 button operation, thin and lightweight, reliable, Bright, wide-angle visual alarm, Fully Water resistant , economical, excellent protection from atmospheric hazards, 10 hour battery life.

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